We're a small good spirited team, looking for a kitchen chef for one, two or more seasons.

Our trademark is giving promising talents the opportunity to explore their culinary independence and steer our kitchen, without the administrative burden or responsability.

We adore our local producers and products, you'll mainly be working with what is available at any given season and we'll pair it with Belgian beers and European wines.

We can sit around 35 people and we're open from Tuesday to Friday for lunch and dinner and on Saturday for dinner only. You'll be supported by another chef. You'll take the lead, but we don't believe in a strict divide between chef and sous-chef, nor do we believe that shouting increases productivity. Team work makes a dream work.

We're not expecting Michelin star dishes, but we are looking for a kind of creativity in our kitchen that exudes complexity in simplicity.

If you're interested, please send your CV to mail@faimfatale.be and we'll be happy to meet to find out if we're a match and talk about culinary, financial and practical things.

Again, we don't expect your lifelong commitment, it can be anything between 3 months and a year.

People of all kinds are welcome to join our team and we appreciate applications from women and gender diverse persons.

Hope to be working together soon,

In kindness,

Team Fatale